Tips For Moving

June 13, 2022

Summer is unofficially known as ‘moving season’. Since moving is consistently rated one of the most stressful lifetime events people face, here are some simple tips for making the process go more smoothly:

1.  Consider holding a garage sale. You don’t want to pack up and move anything that shouldn’t take up space in your new home. A yard/garage sale is a great way to offload items and even raise a little cash toward your mover fund.

2. Get multiple estimates. Rather than going with the first company you see, choose three moving companies minimum to get estimates from. You might be surprised at the difference in cost, technique and variety of services.

3. Color-code everything. To avoid a sea of anonymous cardboard boxes, assign each room a color. Mark each box with its designated room color to make grouping easier later.

4. Pack your suitcase. Make sure you set aside the essentials to keep with you in your personal vehicle. Pack a change of clothes, a first-aid kit, toiletries, and medications. You can even stock a cooler with drinks and snacks while you’re at it.

5. Make a checklist of services to transfer. A quick Google search will net you several free printables with evey kind of moving checklist imaginable, including transferring services and updating your address. Have a copy or two handy and take out the guesswork.